Thursday, March 29, 2012


My Shirt. Public Toilet Wall. #samething
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Friday, May 29, 2009


Its been more than a month I voted and the mark hasn't yet gone.Looks like I'll have to use my sister's nail polish remover when I go home!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Random things about me!

This is supposed to be a Facebook Tag!My good friend .Pooja from Bellevue,WA tagged me with this.Given the amount of time I kill reading Wodehouse these days,thought it'll be great to introspect and learn about myself than lying all night long on the bed and rotfl ing so much to wake up the guy next room.

Here it goes..Might be too trivial and boring.At your own risk!

1. Born into a nerdy family of nth order, I was always into academics since a kid.I used to tell around 100 thirukkurals( tamil verses by the great poet,thiruvalluvar) at the age of 5.

2. Was such a nerdo that I used to cry when someone used to snatch my slate or book,I used to cry ! ( trust me.)

3. Eating was and is a big torture.Skipping my breakfast has always been my tradition.It is indeed a testimony to my weak build.

4. I read about anything and everything under the sun.Constantly keep myself updated about everything around me.Be it the latest gossip or the world news,I just want to knw abt everything !

5. Very passionate about music.Ranging from classical music to Bollywood to rock, I just love listening to it. A R Rahman is God!

6. Had a weird kind of stuttering problem when young,not any more.I can speak fluently at a stretch!

7. I love to bunk classes only to sleep in the hostel.However, I never can sleep during the class.

8. Games and me have always shared an interesting relationship.I used to play so much as a kid,so much that I myself can't believe I used to.Was good in Badminton and Carrom.Now, I'm really far away from them. Still love watching Tennis a lot !

9. Although I have close to 400 friends on Orkut,I never confide my secrets and thoughts to anyone.

10. I'm a polyglot.I just love learning languages.I'm fluent in English,Tamil,Kannada,Hindi and broken malayalam as well.

11. I visit the temple quite often.Dunno why.Maybe just for the fear of it.

12. Hate to wake up early.Why didn't someone turn the work time other way round.

13. I have learned to love things that I hated the most.Its really difficult in the beginning but then it finally fades away.

14. I'm never stubborn and can never win a quarrel,if any I get into.I accept things even if I know I won't be able to.Learning to revolt back and say no!

15. I love watching news channels.Nik Gowing to Prannoy roy-karan Thapar to Shereeen Bhan,I can watching anything!

16. I listen to pirated cds and read pirated novels of which I am ashamed of.

17.I love to travel alone.This is weird I know! But the kind of mental bliss you get in solitude is something that cannot described.

18.I never leave a newspaper unturned.I love spending time reading a mag or newspaper.Has always been a wish to see my article published in a mag.

19.I love my sister a lot.She has always been my best friend.We fight like dogs at home,hurling abuses at each other.Irritate and tease each other.But then,She is very supportive,funny and sweet.Can never forget the day I had to shift to hostel !

20.Quite senti about certain things which I wouldn't want to disclose.

21. Hard-core nocturnal.Generally sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning.

22. Totally regret doing engineering.Maybe I should've tried something in commerce.

23. Have an innate ability to remember dates and numbers.Dunno how I still can remember trivial things,phone numbers,birthdays etc.

24.I've turned a pro in counselling my close friends on various matters.Just don't understand whether I forcibly advise them or they genuinely ask me for.Whatever,I help them out.But the irony is,no one asks me if I'm doing fine.

25.Want to lead a more interesting life loaded with fun and laughter than this insipid and monotonus one.Maybe,I'd be able do an interesting tag atleast then.

Atleast I enjoyed doing this tag.Was fun actually.
Want to see what Equi,Adi,Kenneth and Estella have to say about themselves.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Chat with a Tech Support Engineer!

 12:49:42 AM      praveen damodhar 

Initial Question/Comment:

 12:49:54 AM      System 

You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

 12:49:54 AM      System 

Connected with BE_Rep_Alvin N

 12:50:04 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Welcome to Dell's Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well and thank you for waiting. My name is Alvin. I will be your personal sales agent, please provide your phone number where I can contact you in case we get disconnected. How may I help you with your computer purchase today?

 12:50:10 AM      praveen damodhar 

I'm from India

 12:50:29 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Hi Praveen.

 12:51:08 AM      praveen damodhar 

I would like to buy a dell inspiron in the range of Rs.40000 on hand.

 12:51:39 AM      praveen damodhar 

Which would be the best choice?

 12:52:24 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Are you also planning to ship the laptop in India?

 12:52:47 AM      praveen damodhar 

I dunno much abt that.. Would it be more expensive than buying it frm here?

 12:53:35 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

I don't have an info when it comes to pricing of Dell India but be advised that Dell US cannot ship outside US mainland.

 12:53:53 AM      praveen damodhar 

oh ok..

 12:54:32 AM      praveen damodhar 

I want to know of any good model in the range of $800 .

 12:55:39 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Are you looking for a laptop or a desktop?

 12:56:01 AM      praveen damodhar 


 12:57:10 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Okay and can you tell me what will you be using the laptop for?

 12:58:35 AM      praveen damodhar 

media stuff, ppts, documents , a bit of gaming as well

 12:59:34 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Would that be games that would requires decent graphics?

 1:00:16 AM      praveen damodhar 

Nope.. Frankly, I'm not much into gaming.. Just play some like WoW.

 1:00:31 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Oh okay.

 1:00:45 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Do you also have a preference for the screen size and weight of the laptop?

 1:01:51 AM      praveen damodhar 

A 15" would do..

 1:02:09 AM      praveen damodhar 

Not too heavy.

 1:03:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Oh okay. Then for that, Studio 15 would be perfect for you. Although you are into occasional gaming but wanted to have a good experience, then this can surely meet that. It has 15.4 inch screen size and a starting weight of 6.11 lbs and it would get you an option to have a dedicated video card here in Dell US site. Not sure in Dell India site.

 1:04:24 AM      praveen damodhar 


 1:04:34 AM      praveen damodhar 

What would be the cost of this model?

 1:05:43 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

We can get a good package here in Dell US around that price range.

 1:06:46 AM      praveen damodhar 

How much would it be on-hand assuming that I'm buying it from US?

 1:07:18 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

A good package with taxes would be around $800 Praveen

 1:07:36 AM      praveen damodhar 

Oh thanks..

 1:08:28 AM      praveen damodhar 

Btw, If I need to chat with ur Indian counterpart,whats the procedure? can I chat online ?

 1:09:08 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

I don't know if they have a sales chat but I can get you the link for Dell India and you can proceed from there.

 1:09:30 AM      praveen damodhar 

That would be of great help.

 1:10:26 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

BE_Rep_Alvin N pushes page,

 1:10:31 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

You can refer to that link.

 1:10:45 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

Well, is there anything else I can help you with?

 1:11:14 AM      praveen damodhar 

Thanks a lot.. Its great chattin with u.

 1:11:31 AM      praveen damodhar 


 1:11:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

You are most welcome.

 1:11:42 AM      BE_Rep_Alvin N 

After this chat, you will have the chance to take a survey of 3-5 multiple choice only to rate my service and that will be much appreciated so please keep the window open. Thank you for choosing Dell Chat and have a wonderful day!

 1:11:47 AM      System 

BE_Rep_Alvin N has left this session!

 1:11:47 AM      System 

The session has ended!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aroma of Childhood..

Bru-Meera Shikkakai powder-Cycle Agarbathi-Soundarya saabun Nirma-HOPCOMS cherry-The HINDU newspaper (weird!)- Vicco tumeric ayurvedic cream- Hamaam soap- Sister's Doy Care soap-Kesari Bath @ Pavithra-Chiclets-Yummies-Masala Dosa @ Vidyarthi Bhavan-Grandma's Cuticura powder-Kismi toffee Bar-Cherry blossom shoe polish-One rupee Lolly(So addictive that our school banned it )-Sambraani-Nivaran 90 for cold-Vadilal ice cream-Pani Puri-Uncle Chips-Phantom Sweet Cigarettes-Nestle MILO-Eating Ruffles Lays only for Tazo collection!

What about yours? Do drop in ..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


There are some people whom you adore so much,some who never let you down and whom you always think good about,so much that it blinds their bad work.Well,I'm not speaking of friends or relatives,rather about people whom you are so passionate about.Someone who you really admire from the core of you heart. Rahman Sir is one among them in my life.

I really can't date back to when I became such a big fan.I listen to many composers ranging from Beatles-Cliff Richard days to Ilayaraja to present day Harris Jayaraj.But no one has moved me so much than this Mozart from Madras.Its been like years ,since childhood must I say that I've lived through his heart rending music.From Roja-pudhiya mugam and the like to the most recent GhajiniDilli-6,Almost every song of his has a special place in my heart that it takes me to my childhood days.Its like a time machine that takes me through decades and brings my childhood back afresh.We've heard of our parents still telling wistfully about the good old songs of Rafi ji or Kishore da,I certainly connect with Rahman Sir than any other.His music transcends mental barriers,touches one at subliminal level that one can connect it at different altitude.Some may find it too repetitive and techno, but to a hardcore Rahmaniac like me,It is bliss.

I strongly belive music grows in a person,It indeed has a healing nature that can transform your sorrows to joy.Composers may come and go,but our sir's songs will always be etched in our hearts.To me,Rahman Sir is god!
Wishing him a very Happy Birthday.. Wish he lives long and compose music that changes millions of hearts across the globe!

ps: Do drop in abt ur fav music composer!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghajini se paisa vasool..

It was a total movie week.All thanks to by-elections ,My exam on saturday got postponed which gave me ample time to watch the most awaited movie of the year,Ghajini.I've never been so excited to watch a movie than this in recent times I guess.

Heavily inspired from Christopher Nolan's Memento and shamelessly ripped from its tamil version,Ghajini has ingredients that would make it the biggest bollywood hits of all time.Enthralling music which keeps as you addicted as a drug,awesome photography with an action-packed romantic thriller that keeps you on tenterhooks,It was total paisa vasool.Never in the entire 3 hour show would you feel bored,perfect editing I must say.

It would be unfair if I would tell the film was absolutely flawless,they did goof up in some cases logically like the scene in the College auditorium basement when the hero takes on the villain totally unarmed and all that kalpana-recognise-Sanjay Singhania thing.Top it all, she is training a model to act like Sanjay without even trying to know about a multi-millionarire,Mr.singhania.Just,Google search baby,U'll find his photo as well.Always helps,Google.

Nevertheless,It was much better than the tamil version.The whole thing of twin brother concept in the climax has been done away with.Many other trivial yet significant in some angles have been perfectly sculpted.I would be failing if I didn't attribute the success to the lead actress, Asin.She was undoubtedly at her best.Her role as upcoming model,kalpana trying to save little girls from being trafficked remained etched in the hearts of the viewers.Although,It was a larger than life role,she marked her presence in the best way.

Of course,it was all-in-all ,A wonderful movie from Aamir's side.Flaunting his perfectly sculpted eight-pack,his charming looks to suddenly burst out violently as a short term memory loss patient,He was the show stealer.In all,the kind of Aamir movie one would look forward to.Just goes on to say that his movies can also be mass entertainers, much better than SRK or Akshay for that matter.

Ghajini rocks,forget the dumbness..Just riding high,never letting down its hype.All one could expect from a bollywood movie.A must watch guys...

PS: As always procrastination is something that is inherent in me that I can't do away with.Apologies for the late review.